About us

Campaign Game Miniatures is our own make of figures as well as the name of our website.

We started in 2000 and have a reputation for a good, fast and friendly personal service. CGM figs, as we call them, is an ongoing project.

Many of our variants in figures were done on customer suggestions.

Our first project is to do all the armies and important personalities in the Waterloo campaign to be finished in 2014. Due to the bicentenary of BORODINO in September 2012 we made a lot of Russian troops including, infantry, cavalry and artillery crews and Generals, soon to be finished. We now have Prussians for the period 1813-15. Plus Austrians. And we are now moving into doing Penninsular Napoleonics.

We expanded to other periods such as World War two recently with German and Russian infantry with British soon to follow. We also bought the Testudo 15mm ranges of Cesarian Romans and Gauls adding many new variants and personalities which are being added. These ancient ranges will be expanded to other armies soon.

Our figures are known for their excellence. Especially in the detail of the miniatures, the active and vaired poses and the beauty of the faces. They also have historically correct uniforms. They need no cleaning as there is no flash. There are many variants per pose.

They are 17/18mm high and fit in perfectly with other makes such as Fantassin (Now called Warmodelling) AB, Old Glory, Eureka and some others.

They are also economically priced and are considered among the best on the market in 15mm.

We also do packs to order. So if you want a battalion of Belgian or Dutch infantry without a standard bearer, or with less flank company figures, we can do it.

Special thanks to the customers who have supported us and given suggestions.
We hope you like the new web.
Dermot Quigley and Marta Huercio, 20th Sept 2013.