When you order you must register and fill in your name and address details on the order form. You can add a comentary in the space located at the bottom of the address form.


Pay by Paypal which is the most common. or Bank Transfer if in Spain or Europe. Outside the Euro Zone bank commissions tend to be prohibitive so Paypal is the only option.
Only orders within Spain itself also have the option of cash on delivery payment.
Once the payment is recieved we will ship the order.


Orders are normally shipped within 48 hours. If there is anything not in stock at that moment we will inform you by e-mail or telephone about the approximate time of delivery or arrange with you to send on what is in stock and the rest when we get it from the manufacturer.

Orders inside Europe normally arrive within 4 to 6 days.
Rest of the World delivery time varies between 7 and 14 days depending on the country and location.
Sometimes it takes longer.

Orders within Spain take 2 to 5 days normally. Orders asking for courrier service are delivered within 24 hours within Spain and 3 or 4 days within Europe. Courrier servcie is not available for orders outside Europe.
We offer a personal service so feel free to consult us about your order or any details you think are important.


NOTE: Ordinary Post is at your own risk and cannot be replaced if lost. We suggest using Registered post if you are not sure about the efficiency of the postal service within your area.
We also suggest that for any order over 50,00 euros to use Registered post.
Ordinary post has only failed once in 13 years of service but we are obliged to explain that this type of postage is at your own risk.
Ordinary Post is generally between 2,35 to 2,45 euros cheaper than Registered post. So the differenc is small.

If an order is lost in the post we can reclaim from the post office if the order was by Registered post. This may take some time before the post office is able to inform what has happened. We will treat any cases of delay personally with the customer as 3 weeks must pass before the post office can initiate their investigation.
Ordinary post does not have a tracking number so no investigation is possible. Though as we say above only one order was lost in 13 years of service.

We replace damaged goods if you can demostrate with a simple photo sent by e-mail what damage has occured. If there is an error in your order please contact us and explain it and we will do our best to satisfy you and correct it.

All the best,
Dermot Quigley,
Director of CGM.